Sabeera Rhynolax

A larger than life Dragonborn with a louder than average wardrobe!


Sabeera is a tall Dragonborn with rusty red/brown scales.
Height: 6’3
Build: Heavy, muscular.

Always dressed in bright coloured floral print shirts. When in his restaurant he will always wear a spotless white apron that never seems to get dirty and black and white checked chef’s trousers.


Sabeera is the owner and operator of the eponymous “Sabeera’s Grill” restaurant situated in the up and coming market area of Fallcrest.

Sabeera is a flamboyant extroverted Dragonborn with rusty red scales. He takes his restaurant business very seriously and is always coming up with new items for his menu, often his ideas are inspired by ingredients from his homeland, Sargasa in the south beyond the Iron sea.

Sabeera is firm friends with Colonel Xan Dars, the owner of the popular steamed mutton restaurant, Tare Aways.

Sabeera Rhynolax

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