Little Bleeders


1 Stirge (S)
5 Strige Whelps (W)

Place the Stirge and three of the whelps. Keep the last two whelps until later in the encounter.

Roll Initiative

Stirge: +7
Strige Whelps: +5


The Stirges attempt to swarm the players. They will attempt to attack and grab the players using their Bite attack. After three rounds the last two strige whelps will emerge from the rear nest, or earlier if the nest is disturbed.

Stirge Whelp
Level 1 Minion Lurker
Small natural beast XP 25
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. Initiative +5
AC 15; Fortitude 12; Reflex 13; Will 10 Perception +0
Standard Actions
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +6 vs. AC
Hit: 1 damage, and the target is grabbed and takes ongoing 5 damage until the grab ends.
Special: While grabbing a creature, the stirge doesn’t make attack rolls and gains a +5 bonus to AC and Reflex.
Skills Stealth +8
Str 8 (-1) Dex 16 (+ 3) Wis 10 (+ 0)
Con 10 (+0) Int 1 (-5) Cha 4 (-3)
Alignment Unaligned Languages -

Features of the area

Illumination: None.
Stirge Nests: The Stirge have made themselves two papery looking nests. One just inside the doorway and the other in an alcove at the back of the room. The nests look fragile and easily broken or burnt.
Crates: There are some wooden creates stacked in the corner of the room. They’re heavy duty and look like they’d take a lot to catch on fire. Inside there is cleaning supplies (soap and brushes) and four unspent Sunrods.

  • There is a small amount of gold (4 GP) scattered over the floor.
  • There is also a healing potion and some bandages in a small first aid box.
  • There are four unspent Sunrods in the creates. (Very easy perception check DC 10.)

Little Bleeders

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