1 Scurrying Rat Swarm (S)
1 Steam Jet Trap

Do not place the scurrying rat swarm. Inform the players about the steam jet trap.

The steam jet can be avoided with a successful Acrobatics check (DC 10). Once the players have moved to the far side of the trap, place the scurrying rat swarm.

Roll Initiative

Scurrying Rat Swarm: +5

Ask the players to make a Perception check (DC 15):

  • Success: Place the Rat Swarm.
  • Failure: The Rat Swarm may take a surprise round.


The Rat Swarm will charge the players and attempt to slide them towards the steam jet.

Features of the Area

Illumination: Some light filters down from small grills at the top of the walls. They cast light sporadically along the North wall.
Steam pipe: A heavily corroded pipe runs out of the floor in the alcove and into the ceiling. The rust has eaten small holes into the pipe and jets of steam are escaping into the corridor.


The Ties That Bind Guantes