The Dragon in the Ratty Vest


1 Kobold Rat Caller (K)
1 Dire rat (D)
4 Giant rats (G)

Roll Initiative

Kobold Rat Caller: +3
Dire rat: +2
Giant rats: +3


The Dire rat and Giant rats will all attack the players. The Kobold Rat Caller will wait behind the portcullis using Direct the rat-ack! to strike at the players. Once the portcullis is opened the Kobold Rat Caller will summon two more Giant rats to protect him and will use his whip to pull players into flanks.

Features of the area

Illumination: A small oil lantern is sat on the table in the back corner. It casts a dull glow over the area behind the portcullis.
Lever: The lever activates the portcullis, allowing it to be raised and lowered. Raising the portcullis is a standard action, lowering it is a minor action.
Portcullis: A sturdy iron portcullis stands across the middle of the chamber. It can be opened by using the lever. The portcullis takes one round to be raised, and will drop instantly if the lever is triggered again. If the portcullis falls on a creature it deals 1d10+5 damage.
Pools: A pool of fetid water is on one side and a pool of clean on the other. The portcullis continues through both sides.
Table and chair: The Kobold has a small table set up with what might be thought of as lab equipment. There are some vials of unpleasant chemicals and a small oil lantern.
Bed: A small pile of rags and shiney objects make up the Kobold Rat Caller’s bed.
Pile of debris: A pile of debris is stacked up near the ladder to the surface, it appears to be mostly rubbish and Kobold droppings. There seems to be a large number of items of rubbish from the Colonel’s restaurant.

  • The Kobold Rat Caller is wearing tattered rat hide armour.
  • The Kobold Rat Caller is carrying a poor quality whip.
  • The Kobold Rat Caller is carrying a strange gem. The gem glows red during the encounter and turns blue when the Kobold is slain. Once picked up by the players it turns green.
  • There is a total of 30 GP collected together in the bed pile.
  • There are five semi-precious stones that are worth 2 GP.
  • The ‘lab’ equipment is worthless.

The Dragon in the Ratty Vest

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